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Ian grew up a self-taught instrumentalist who has always been hungry to create musical ideas of his own. Upon entering college, he thoroughly fell in love with hip hop and the history behind it. This was his gateway into electronic beat production where he finds himself today, as he strives to create ambient compositions of sample-based sounds blended with his own instrumentation.

Ian has had the pleasure of working with some of his favorite producers of today's scene. In his short tenure as a beatmaker, his music has already earned widespread attention and support from music fans across the globe, including respected DJs and platforms such as Soulection, DJ Complexion, Nest HQIndie Shuffle, and more. 

Ian is proud to be affiliated with 4 talented music collectives: Blvnt Records, Melody Soul, Rootnote, and Noh Life. Residing in Milwaukee, WI, he is excited to contribute to the thriving music scenes of his city and beyond.

While he claims to be “the official soundtrack of hummus everywhere”, this has yet to be confirmed.


June 17     //     Milwaukee, WI     //     company brewing


July 9     //     brooklyn, ny     //     Sunnyvale

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